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Taste Test x Songkran Flora

Taste Test x Songkran Flora

Artist : Anchana Thongpaitoon

Icon Siam, Iconcraft 4f.

1 Apr - 10 May 2019

Songkran Flora is a result of the artist's interpretation of the meaning and color of Thai culture's Songkran Festival. This installation artwork expresses the festival's traditions of respect, generosity, and gratitude. Water is the medium that connects the value between family members, friends, and every Thai people together.

The artist communicates through a garden of flowers that has birds, rabbits, and dears hidden within. All of the patterns are inspired by the murals on the walls of Wat Suthat Thepphawararam. Wat Suthat Thepphawararam is a temple that the artist has connections with since he/she was young. Through that connection, two-dimensional patterns turn into a three-dimensional artwork. The Songkran Flora represents the core idea of the Songkran Festival where water is the medium that links everyone together. The bright colors of the festival will gradually be shown through the installation through time and will come together in the end. This is to reflect the time it takes the connections and relationships between people to grow and flourish together beautifully.


Belief of April

Scent Designed by Sirirat Laotup




และ ความสุข

Belief of April

There is this scent, a scent inspired by the flowers belonging to Miss Songkran, the daughter of the sun. Scent that flowing with the wind, while performing the ceremony around her Phra Sumen at noon.

Feel the refreshingly cool air that exists in the belief and faith of the traditional Songkran Days.

The only materials that we selected to work with are middle notes and top notes. These materials give off the feeling that something is not there, but you can feel that it is there.

After all, memories resurfaces.

When it is time for this yearly ceremony to return, it means that it is also time for The Sun to come back as well. The real summer has arrived once again. To cool down using 'water'. To relax using 'the flower next-door'. Our pockets are full of happiness that surrounds us. We enjoy ourselves and continues to believe that this happiness is real.


Exhibition designed by Anchana

Salt and pepper studio

Scent Designed by Sirirat Laotup

Supported by :


Corner43 Decor

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