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WOLF 984

Interior Design
Restaurant, Wolf 984

area  :  

Design Concept : 

There are many times that the idea didn't begin from within the interior designer. And oftentimes, it was the context that ignites and drives the idea forward. Thus the idea morphs into a design. This is what happened with this project. A 30-40 years old house made of concrete and wood looked plain and normal. However, if you look carefully, you'll discover various elements and space the previous architect had designed ever so meticulously. It is like we can travel back in time. As interior designers, we believe that these charismatic elements from the past add value and can work harmoniously with modern design. It is a collaboration between the past and the present. A collaboration between

the architect and interior designer who had never met each other.

Design to Market Strategy :

We can't deny that social media now plays an important role in every business sector. If we want to promote a restaurant and achieve a certain level of popularity, we need not only good design, good quality of food, good taste, good wine list, but also the interior designer's crucial understandings of current consumer behaviors and what they value. Paying attention to the customers' perspectives, whether it's through their eyes or their lens. This may sound unconventional but we need to understand that the customers are not only there for the experience, the food, and the services but also to collect and share good memories that they had. These are the new, current values that interior designers should pay attention to. How should you design the lighting inside the restaurant? You'd need a good atmosphere as well as good lighting for photography. Choosing the right material for the tables so that it compliments the plates and the food. The goal here is to accomplish a unique design. To create a clear and outstanding design that is recognizable by just one photograph.

Cultural Heritage Values :

Valuing the original structure by preserving the beauty of the design from the past whilst creating something new. Using the original structure and turn it into the main focus of the design was what we did. A harmonious co-existence between the past and the present.

Creativity l Innovation l Originality :

Through the design process, the interior designer created something new from what is the core of the restaurant. The core of this restaurant is the food and the seasoning along with the chef's technique of "flame control", that is the heart of this restaurant. We took the idea and retell the story through architecture and interior design while using materials that were also made by the "flame control" process. For example, the entrance area of the restaurant that connects to the open kitchen, the floor is made of granite with a flamed surface. The walls inside the restaurant were decorated with clay tiles and bricks made from flames and heat. The wall paneling is made of burnt black wood. As the interior designer, we want to embed a hidden message through these simple yet well-blended materials with the image of the chef who's working with fire in the open kitchen.

New Materials :

From the outside, we will be able to see that the food is being covered by some sort of wood. Those woods were burnt and there were holes on its surface. This material enables the user to control the temperature on the outside and the inside. You can decrease the temperature on the outside and maintain the temperature on the inside. Furthermore, it is esthetically pleasing and it saves energy from using the air conditioner during the day.

Aesthetics :

We can perceive beauty through many elements of interior design. And if beauty is what we can touch and feel, "excitement" is probably one part of the beauty that is immensely important. We want "excitement" to be part of our design. As interior designers, we created the moon. One big full moon within a building that sparks the curiosity to anyone who sees it from the outside. Uncertainty began to usher them closer to the moon until that uncertainty turned into excitement when you're standing right under the moon. The moon is also designed to be able to change colors. The bright

and dark sides can be adjusted according to the actual moon phase. When you enter the building, the brightness of the moon is different from when you exit the building. Like how you are being greeted and then saying the farewells.

Enhancing Living Lifestyle :

Searching for and experiencing new things are the qualities of people who always keep improving themselves. The world is changing at such a high speed that it required us to always be active and this is turning into how we currently live our lives as well as in the future. We must not forget to respect the environment that we live in so that our future is sustainable and keeps developing.

Universal Design :

Since the building is a 10-year-old building, there was less talk of Universal Design back then. The space inside is also small sine it was once a house. When the project started, as interior designers, we see these issues. We proposed to extend the lower part of the building so that it is easily accessible by the elderly and wheelchairs without having to go over different level terrain.

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