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The Silent Roar

The Silent Roar by Anchana Thongpaitoon The illegal poaching of a black panther in Thailand back in 2018 created collective move demanding justice for the animal. Animals represent beauty and the spirit of nature that is so pure. But no matter how beautiful they are, humans' greed can still annihilate nature in the blink of an eye. Hence, the news report of the black panther touched the community in various ways. Through art, I wanted to take part and show what had happened. This artwork was made out of my own drawing of the black panther. Black panthers are actually black leopards. I drew the patterns of leopards distinctively because I did not want to show just one animal but the rights of all animals on this planet. Because of every loss that has happened, I want everyone to learn from it. Whether it's the ones who committed the crime or the victims, what had conspired shall not be forgotten or swept under the rug. I created patterns on furniture (bench and mirror) using my drawing of the black panther. I intentionally draw a black panther to elaborate its beauty. Its posture in the drawing shows the black panther's back to express its departure from this life. With its eyes still looking back, the panther is waiting to see what we humans will do next, what have we learned from this incident...with out any expectations.

—————— SUBDUED A Design Exhibition Curated by Rush Pleansuk Dates : 26 January - 28 February 2019 Serindia Gallery, O.P.Garden Bangkok And as part of the following programs : Bangkok Design Week 26 January - 3 February 2019 #anchanart #charcoal #leopard #panther#tiger #blackpanther #bkdw #bkdw2019#serindiagallery #bangkokdesignweek#design #art

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